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What Makes Stem Organics Different?

At Stem Organics, every decision we make from the ingredients we choose to the packaging we use is based upon our ethos that optimum beauty results from the best for skin, health and life.

Your Skin

Many chemical-based traditional skincare products may provide short-term superficial results, but did you know they can also encourage long-term damage and premature ageing? This is because your body absorbs up to 60% of what is placed on your skin. It doesn't discriminate between beneficial or damaging ingredients.

By feeding your skin with nature's nutrients, instead of harsh synthetic chemicals (that your body was never designed to assimilate), your skin becomes nourished, naturally healthy and balanced. Stem Organics skincare incorporates an abundance of super-nutrients, nature's vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes and proteins.

Your Health

Have you considered that your skin and beauty routine could harm your health? With the average person using up to 15 products a day  the absorption of chemicals through the skin is significant. Even the most innocent looking moisturisers and shampoos may be toxic due to the addition of numerous synthetic chemicals. Regular use of products with these ingredients have been linked to serious health problems like cancer.

Many skincare brands claim to be natural, green or organic, when they are anything but. Truly natural ingredients (grown by nature, not lab technicians) may only be a small percentage of their product. Meanwhile, Stem Organics provide premium beauty solutions that are full of truly natural and organic ingredients - enhancing your overall health.

Your Life

Organic and natural ingredients. It's not a fashion thing; when Stem Organics designs new products it's actually the whole circle of life we're thinking of.
Poisons that pollute our environment can often be found in the bottles of beauty 'promises' stored in our bathrooms. These poisons contaminate our waterways, wildlife, soil, and vegetation, finding their way into our food.

Organic agriculture opposes genetic modification and promotes soil fertility, reduced water pollution and healthier products. Certified organic ingredients are also grown and processed without chemicals and certified by supervisory bodies.

Stop and think- can your skin, health, or the environment afford for you not to use organic and natural products?

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