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One of the best cleansers out there

I have been working in beauty for more than 10 years and have tried all sorts of formulas and countless brands. This cleanser surpassed my expectations, it's so gentle - as it is described - yet so effective. All makeup melts off easily after massaging a little, including all remnants of mascara. My skin feels clean but not taut, in fact, it feels hydrated to the point I could skip moisturiser if I dared to be so lazy! It's also such fantastic value for money, I highly recommend this cleanser for anyone, any skin type and makeup or non-makeup wearers. To boot, it's super travel friendly. Win win. Fabulous product.

Gentle Yet So Effective

I am a beauty therapist, electrologist and teacher in the industry, I love when you use a product that transforms your skin and that is exactly what this exfoliant achieves. Beautiful fine beads that remove the dead skin gently whilst all the other brilliant ingredients are nourishing your skin revealing a smooth radiant glow.

Marvelous for Dry Skin

I know this may sound a bit unusual but I've been using your Hydrating Face Fluid on my hands. I suffer from severe dermatitis on my hands and they often crack and bleed and many products sting. I was out of what I normally use and in desperation I used your Hydrating Face Fluid (which I have to say is marvellous for dry mature facial skin) and it didn't sting and it's kept the moisture in my hands better than anything else I've tried - and believe me, I've tried a lot of products. So thank you, your Hydrating Face Fluid was a lifesaver. Now I don't want to use anything else on my hands or my face!

Practically MAGIC!

I am delighted to have found your products - the ingredients are intelligent (seabuckthorn is hard to find in skincare) and they appear to actually penetrate my skin. The Fresh Start Serum is practically magic -it seems to impart a healthy glow to my 65 year old skin.

Facial Oil

I suffer with both dermatitis and sometimes psoriasis on my legs and my wife bought your Oil for me to try and now insists that I let everyone know it really works. Happy to do so, thanks JA

Stem Antioxidant Toning Infusion

WOW - best description I can use for this Toner. I have to admit I have never regularly used a Toner but all that has changed since using this one - it's really gorgeous and even though I believed I had removed all my makeup, surprise, the Toner removed the rest!! Great product and I love the smell, thank you, Fee x

Fresh Start Serum

Without a doubt this has become my "can't do without" product. I always bought an expensive Primer to use before my foundation, but I am now saving $56.00 every six weeks by applying the Fresh Start Serum about 10 minutes before I apply my foundation. Love it, love it , love it.



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