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I have acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, flush easily, greasy skin, big pores, scars, fine lines, prominent wrinkles, sensitive skin...

Which product is suitable for me?

See our compatibility chart below for details and if you would like to try a free sample before making your purchase, call 0432 215 564.

Stem Organics Skin Type Guide

Q: I want anti-ageing but I also am prone to some pimples.

A: The Balancing Face Fluid is perfect for you as it helps balance the skin and assist against blemishes. It is also designed to be anti ageing. The Intensive Eye Serum is the perfect product to complement this to help fight signs of ageing around the eye region.

Q: I have oily, very acne prone skin, which products do you suggest?

A: For oily/acne prone skin the Gentle Cleansing Milk (helps balance oil levels), Antioxidant Toning Infusion and Balancing Face Fluid combination will work best. All three have a high level of antioxidants with the Balancing Face Fluid also containing other age-fighting ingredients.

Q: I'm looking to address pigmentation and to rebuild collagen.

A: Along with a ritual of cleanser/exfoliate and moisturize (toner if required), adding the Fresh Start Serum to the mix at night will also assist with pigmentation and collagen rebuilding.

Q: It's winter/summer and I think I need more/less moisturisation.

A: As the seasons changes it is very normal for your skin to change based on the conditions and you may need a different level of moisturisation. Many of our clients use the same Face Fluid year round however some living in variable climates find they need to go up or down a level for winter/summer.

Q: I'm especially looking for a Vit C product to help with sun damage/ aging.

A: All our products contain natural Vit C from the Australian Kakadu Plum, which is a signature ingredient in all Stem Organics products. I would also particularly recommend for you the Fresh Start Serum as it contains extra Vit C and has our highest level of Vitamin C along with other wonder skin renewing and healing ingredients.

Q: Are your products compatible with Retinol products?

A: Yes, as contraindications for retinol products are pregnancy, lactating or if undergoing a skin peeling regime.

Q: Do you have a… refreshing facial spray?

A: Our 125ml Antioxidant Toning Infusion now comes with a mist spray, so it will be perfect for this purpose!

Q: Do you have a… nice face scrub which buffs away all the dead skin cells"?

A: Our Smooth Skin Exfoliant contains natural cellulose beads to deliver a gentle but effective scrub- natures alternative to microdermabrasion!

Q: Do you have… a make-up remover?

A: Our Gentle Cleansing Milk is perfect for removing makeup, just massage onto your face and rinse off. It is also useful as an eye makeup remover.



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