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End of an Era

For those of our valued customers who may not have read our email, we have decided we can no longer give the effort these fantastic products deserve to continue expanding the STEM business.

It is for this reason we have decided it is time to hang up the boots, put the cue in the rack, wind up the lipstick tube and exit our involvement in the selling of STEM products.

While of course this is a somewhat sad time for us all, as we wind down the Company, which may take several months, we are offering our respected customers the opportunity to stock up on Stem products with a sale price of Up to 60% Off the RRP

Needless to say, we would love to help Stem find a beautiful new home with someone as passionate about it as we have been, and all expressions of interest should be addressed to Greg Sinclair, of Finn Business Sales, via email  Be assured also that we will keep you fully updated as we move closer to exiting the business.

Kym Godson and Maureen Dillon


Extracts From Customers’ Feedback


It is sad to hear that you and Kym are finishing up with Stem. We have all thoroughly enjoyed using the Stem products and they have improved the quality of our skin. Thanks for bringing it to us! We all wish you the very best for the future! -CZ

So sad to hear this but after such a long time how well deserved that you can spend time with your families and friends. I am sure whoever takes over Stem Organics will do you proud as you have produced the most fantastic product. -CL

I cannot thank you enough for the products that have brought me so much joy. I am sure the path you are walking is the right one, so I’m excited for you and the way your life will unfold. - SZ

We have loved Stem as a product and are so pleased you introduced us to it. It is a shame you have to finish with Stem, End of an Era, but you have always worked so, so hard, time for a rest. - PMcC

I am both selfishly saddened although at the same time so happy that you will finally be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Hopefully you will find the right buyer – I love the products so much and want to be able to continue buying. - NS

You have been so nice to deal with over the last couple of years and I have loved receiving my STEM packages in the post. I am so glad I found Stem, they are wonderful. Hopefully I can continue buying Stem from whoever buys the business. - KH

Oh this is such sad news! I can definitely understand the reason behind it all. After such a long time it’s time to face the next chapter. Your beautiful products are my entire skincare range so I hope it will continue with the right team to follow in some pretty impressive footsteps. - SI

Really sorry to see you go, but I understand the appeal of retirement (I am dreaming of the day I stop working, even though it’s a quarter of a century away.) I hope you get interest in keeping the brand alive as it is the only skincare I have ever found that my skin responds well to. - ES

All the best to you and I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. You have made such a difference. - KS 

As you mentioned in your Announcement, you will keep us up to date with the new Owners and where we might be able to continue buying Stem. I can only hope that they give the same fabulous service you have been providing. Other online stores seem to take forever in sending out parcels but with Stem, I always know I will have my package within a couple of days. I also wish you a happy retirement.

Dear Karen and Maureen,

Thanks very much for your wonderful support. I wish you all the very best with any future endeavours and hope that somebody is able to continue stocking Stem - DT

I am such a very happy repeat customer – who is very sad to hear of this wonderful business closing.  - JO



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