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Your Autumn Skin Care Guide

Posted by Luke Donoghue on

While we were still soaking up the glorious Australian sunshine, the last word on anyone’s lips was Autumn, but Autumn has well and truly arrived, and it is now time to begin preparing our skin for the cooler months ahead.

While Summer and some hot Autumn days were the time for extra SPF, natural exfoliation thanks to the sea and sand, and light moisturisers, Autumn has become the time of extra hydration.  While we can always rely on the soaring temperatures to keep our skin hydrated (yes, perspiring counts!) when the temperatures start to plummet, the air dries.

Rely On A Cleanser That Won’t Strip Your Skin

You know that “squeaky clean” feeling you may have experienced after washing your face with a soap bar or conventional non-natural cleanser? Some people say they like the feeling, but did you know that your skin feels like that simply because your cleanser has stripped your skin of natural oils along with excess oil? We all have natural oils to even out our skin, to keep it perfectly balanced and clear. However, when we strip our skin of natural oils, we leave it susceptible to the signs of aging, and even breakouts, as the skin tries to compensate for this lack of oil.

A cleanser that removes dirt and grime, while adding hydration is just what you need! Our Gentle Cleansing Milk contains hydrating ingredients and powerful nutrients to feed your skin, and leave it perfectly soft and balanced.

Exfoliate For Better Absorption

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, revealing new and brighter skin underneath. By removing dead skin build up, your skin will be able to better absorb any products you apply, as product will no longer cling to these dead skin cells.

Use a gentle, yet effective exfoliator such as our Smooth Skin Exfoliant 2-3 times a week to keep your skin bright and fresh, and able to absorb any hydrating products you apply after. If your skin is super sensitive, once a week is just fine.

Go Deep With Hydration

Autumn is the season you can truly amp up the hydration levels in preparation for winter. Switch out your light moisturiser of summer for a richer moisturiser, or even better, add a serum into your regime.

The molecules in a serum are smaller allowing it to sink deeper into your pores where it delivers active ingredients. Serums work best when used in conjunction with a moisturiser by applying your moisturiser over your serum to lock the serum into your skin, as well as provide a protective barrier against wind and cold.

For a perfect pair, try our Hydrating face Fluid along with our Fresh start Serum for skin that never dries out!

Follow these tips for skin that stays beautiful and glowing no matter how dreary the weather may get!

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