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Why An Exfoliator With Natural Beads is Better For Sensitive Skin Than A Liquid Exfoliant

Posted by Nat Royal on

By now you’re probably well aware of the importance of exfoliating to whisk away dead skin cells and reveal brighter and healthier looking skin.

Are you aware, however, of the type of exfoliator you should be using if you have even slightly sensitive skin?

Keep reading so we can help clear things up a little for you, so that you can enjoy silky, smooth and radiant skin all summer long!

What is a Liquid Exfoliant?

A liquid exfoliant is similar to a toner, in that it comes in a liquid form, and you apply it to your face with a cotton pad. The ingredients though, are very different than a toner.

Liquid exfoliants usually contain ingredients like AHA and BHA, also known as alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids are usually recommended for fine lines and wrinkles, whereas BHAs are usually best for clogged pores and problem skin. While these ingredients may be effective, because they are not all natural, they have some potential side-effects for individuals with very sensitive skin. Side effects may include burning, itching and redness of the skin.

This takes us to our next type of exfoliator.

What is an Exfoliator with Gentle Beads?

Most conventional exfoliators contain beads, but we don’t recommend these. Conventional exfoliators rely on synthetic beads or harsh beads that can scratch the skin resulting in microscopic tears in the skin.

When we talk about beads, we are referring to all natural, gentle beads such as cellulose beads found in our Smooth Skin Exfoliant. These beads will not flood your skin with toxins, and they will effectively slough off dead skin cells without ever scratching the skin, making them ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

The Verdict

Today many of us want a “quick fix” and that’s why products like liquid exfoliants will always be popular. While they may provide an instant glow to the skin, you’re feeding your skin with chemicals that can affect your health, and long-term these ingredients can cause issues of dryness and irritation, which will just take you back to square one.

Instead invest in a product such as our Smooth Skin Exfoliant, which will feed your skin with nutrients and gradually improve the texture and appearance over time, so that you can enjoy beautiful long-term results!

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