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The Soothing Effects of Chamomile for the Skin

Posted by Nat Royal on

We're all familiar with the soothing effects of sipping on a steaming mug of chamomile tea when we’re feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed, but did you know, when applied topically, chamomile is also excellent for soothing your skin?

Keep reading for a few wonderful ways chamomile can benefit your skin, especially if your skin is super sensitive.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties Soothe Irritated Skin

Chamomile tea contains anti-inflammatory compounds that get to work reducing inflammation in the skin, which may manifest as redness, itchiness or swelling. Two common inflammatory conditions are psoriasis and eczema, and by applying a product that contains chamomile, you will help to lessen the frustrating effects of these conditions. Redness will be reduced, and you won’t feel that constant urge to scratch.

Antioxidants Fight the Signs of Aging

By now we’re well aware of the importance of antioxidants to fight free radicals and keep our skin looking beautifully youthful, and chamomile is full of antioxidants. Chamomile tea contains a flavonoid called apigenin, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will keep your skin looking wonderful, but when consumed it will also help to protect your body against disease.

Antibacterial Properties Keep the Skin Clear and Healthy

If you’re constantly breaking out, then it’s important to keep your skin clean and disinfected. Unfortunately, many products on the market that promise to clear up your skin, end up drying it out horribly, so your best bet is to turn towards an ingredient from Mother Nature.

Chamomile contains potent anti-bactertial and antimicrobial properties, to not only clear up your blemishes, but to ensure it stays that way!

Brightens the Skin for a Natural Glow

Chamomile is a known skin lightener, and when used on a regular basis will help to lighten up dark spots and discolouration for a skin that is beautifully bright and glowing with radiance. An added bonus is that chamomile will also help to tighten up your pores and even out your skin texture, all while keeping it feeling soothed and fresh.

Here at Stem Organics, we adore this gentle, yet powerful ingredient. To try it out for yourself at home, be sure to check out these products!

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