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The Importance of SPF and Choosing The Right One For You

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Summer has officially arrived here in Australia, and that means a lot more time spent outdoors with skin exposed to potentially damaging UV rays. It’s unavoidable, because you can’t be expected to sit indoors when the weather is simply glorious outside, however there are ways you can protect your skin against harmful UV rays, and the best defense starts with SPF. Sun protection in the form of sunscreens or sunblocks help to protect the skin against not only the aging effects of UV rays, but against skin cancer too, and with every 2 out of 3 Australians being diagnosed with...

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SPF: Do I Really Need One?

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  We are always advised to wear a sunscreen to protect our skin against the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays, but is it really necessary? Just how harmful are these UV rays anyway? The sun is approximately 4.6 billion years and its distance to earth a staggering 149.6 million kilometres.  The ozone layer filters out most of the potentially harmful UV rays. Ozone measurements fluctuate from day to day, season to season and from one year to the next.  An alarming fact is that severe depletion has been detected over the Antarctic since 1979. Severe ozone depletion has...

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