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Are your skincare products affecting your health?

Posted by Stem Organics on

Are your skincare products affecting your health?Did you know that what you put on your skin, is just as important to your overall health, as what you eat?

You may have heard of the adage, "you are what you eat".  At Stem Organics, we also believe that "you are what you apply to your skin".

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Why Your Skin Loves Jojoba Oil

Posted by Stem Organics on

  Would you love to try a facial oil, but have no idea where to start? Well, if your facial oil contains jojoba oil (pronounced ho-hoba) then you are starting in the right place! Native to Arizona, Mexico and California, the Jojoba plant is an evergreen, woody shrub. The oil is extracted from the seeds/nuts, but did you know it’s not really an oil at all, but rather a type of melted wax? This is what makes all the difference, and makes jojoba one of your skin’s favourite oils. This light coloured oil has no odour, and if stored correctly...

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Stem Organics Rejuvenating Face Oil

Posted by Stem Organics on

For centuries different cultures have used different oils to achieve beautiful skin and hair.   The berries of the sea buckthorn plant were used by women in Tang Dynasty, Tibet to make a vitamin E rich oil to hydrate their skins.  Camellia oil has been used for it's skin and hair benefits. Camellia flowers can live for up to 400-500 years and have wonderful age-defying properties.  Indian culture has used various oils for their hair and skin benefits. Natural oils penetrate the skin better than moisturisers and help restore damaged skin, as well as hydrate dry dull skin.   We...

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