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3 Popular Winter Drinks Made Healthy

Posted by Stem Organics on

Warming winter drinkNothing warms us up on a chilly day quite like a cozy mug of hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows of course!

While indulging in a naughty drink from time to time is not a problem, it's called balance, stopping at your local Cafe every morning before work for your sugary latte can start to create some problems with your health and your skin too.

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The Importance Of Organic Skin Care For Your Skin AND Your Health

Posted by Stem Organics on

When purchasing skin care products, it’s not likely you are choosing products based on ingredients that are safe for your health, isn’t that for the grocery store? What you may not realise, however, is that more than 60% of everything you apply externally onto your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. We are sure we have your attention now! When you become aware of this fact, then choosing skin care products takes on an entirely new role in your life. Conventional products found at your local pharmacy are brimming with chemicals as these products are produced in bulk and manufacturers...

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