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Don't Leave Home Without This Product.

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Winter skinYou may think that now summer's over, you can go a little easier on the skincare products, but the opposite is in fact true. During winter your skin needs even more intense protection thanks to dry and cold air that can really aggravate your skin.

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Stem Organics Rejuvenating Face Oil

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For centuries different cultures have used different oils to achieve beautiful skin and hair.   The berries of the sea buckthorn plant were used by women in Tang Dynasty, Tibet to make a vitamin E rich oil to hydrate their skins.  Camellia oil has been used for it's skin and hair benefits. Camellia flowers can live for up to 400-500 years and have wonderful age-defying properties.  Indian culture has used various oils for their hair and skin benefits. Natural oils penetrate the skin better than moisturisers and help restore damaged skin, as well as hydrate dry dull skin.   We...

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