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Reduce Redness With Our Perfect Complexion Masque

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Many of us have experienced redness of our skin at one time or another, or it may be something you deal with on a daily basis.

Redness can be caused by many different factors including sensitive skin, an inflammatory skin condition such as acne, or Rosacea,which is a chronic skin condition mainly affecting the face and characterized by very red skin.

Whatever the case, we are sure you are eager to clear it up quickly so that you can feel like yourself in your skin again.

Our Perfect Complexion Masque is one of our most popular treatments as it helps to reduce the appearance of redness after just one use. Here's why it works!

Perfect Complexion Masque

Our vegan friendly, 100% natural masque is chock full of nutrients and vitamins to cleanse, repair and regenerate the skin.

Here's the 3 key superstar ingredients:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant to reduce inflammation. Redness is always a result of inflammation so by reducing the inflammation you help to reduce redness too.

It has a natural lightening effect and will make the skin appear brighter with a beautiful glow.

It's powerful antioxidant activity will fight free radicals, keeping the skin youthful.

This masque is in a powder form, which keeps vitamin c at its most potent, so your skin can really benefit!


This superfine white Australian clay helps to cleanse, repair and regenerate the skin. It helps to draw toxins to the surface of the skin, so don't be surprised if you have a mild breakout in the days following application. However, once your skin clears up, it will be softer, clearer, smoother and healthier than ever before! Many of our customers notice a difference after just one application, with reduced redness and a brighter complexion.

Colloidal Oatmeal

The addition of oatmeal to this masque makes it the perfect treatment for even the most sensitive skin due to it's wonderful soothing and hydrating properties, exactly what your inflamed skin needs!

Learn how to apply our masque here.

Apply once or twice a week for best results, and add a few drops of our Rejuvenating Face Oil if your skin is extra sensitive or dry.

Please share your results with us in the comments below, because we just know your skin will love this treatment!

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