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How Multi-Moisturising Can Combat Both Your Dry and Oily Skin Woes

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As human beings, we are all different with unique traits and physical characteristics that set us apart from everyone else. Some of us are tall, some short, some people have blue eyes, some green, others brown, so it makes sense that we all have different skin types too.

Skin types are usually divided into four categories; dry, oily, normal, and combination. The first three skin types are pretty straightforward to find products for. For dry skin you’ll look for deeply hydrating ingredients, for oily you’ll stay away from the more intense oils, and opt for lighter, fast absorbing oils. Normal skin usually fares well with a balancing product, however how do you treat combination skin?

Keep reading to find out more about this skin type and how to treat it so that your skin feels smooth and soft all over with a healthy glow.

What Is Combination Skin?

Combination skin is skin that tends to be oilier in the T-zone; the forehead, nose and chin, yet the cheeks are dry. This type of skin can seem tricky to treat. Hydrating products can leave the cheeks moisturised and flake-free, whereas they can cause even more oil in the T-zone, resulting in breakouts.

On the other hand, products aimed at controlling oil, may help to clear up your T-zone, but leave the cheeks feeling parched and looking dull.

How Can Multi-Moisturizing help?

You may have heard of multi-masking before. This simply involves the application of different face masks to different areas of the face, according to specific skin care concerns. This is a popular method used at spas, and if you have indulged in a facial recently, you may even have experienced multi-masking for yourself.

If multi-masking works so well, than why shouldn’t multi-moisturising. This is a skin care trend that is becoming popular, because it’s producing actual results. If you have combination skin, and have yet to find a product that does the trick of keeping your skin in check, then multi-moisturising is definitely something you should give a go!

You will simply use a more intense hydrating moisturiser on your cheeks and neck, and a lighter oil-absorbing one on your T-zone. This method will still take just 2 minutes, and you’ll start to see results within days.

The Products

Of course we will always recommend all natural, organic and chemical-free products, to truly feed your skin and produce noticeable results.

For your multi-moisturising ritual try our Hydrating Face Fluid on dry areas. This Moisturiser will add a deep dose of hydration thanks to ingredients like omega 3 and 6 rich Organic Macadamia, and the emollient properties of Organic Shea Butter.

For the T-zone, try our Balancing Face Fluid with ingredients like Willow bark, Aloe and B3 to control excess oil without ever stripping your skin of essential oils.

We’re always excited to hear your skin care stories and results here at Stem, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment or show some love on our social media pages!

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