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Don't Leave Home Without This Product.

Posted by Nat Royal on

Before you hit the slopes or even go for a walk on a cool winter's day, we hope you've thought about your skin. You may think that now summer's over, you can go a little easier on the skincare products, but the opposite is in fact true.
During winter your skin needs even more intense protection thanks to dry and cold air that can really aggravate your skin. Ever wondered why your skin feels so dry during the frosty months? Well, you can blame it on the air. Here are some awesome tips to help you beat dry skin this winter, you need more than just good skin care products!

Rejuvenating Face OilIf we had to pick just one product though, to help with hydration, it would have to be our Rejuvenating Face Oil. This incredible oil is brimming with antioxidants and deeply hydrating ingredients including Camellia, Rosehip and Vitamin E oil to leave your skin glowing with deep down hydration.

Ways To Use Our Rejuvenating Face Oil This Winter

There are a few great ways you can make the most of our oil to ensure your skin looks and feels its best all season long. The first is by simply using your fingertips to pat some into your skin after cleansing, or for even more protection, after applying our Vitamin C serum. This should be done morning and night, and can even be worn under makeup as it does fully absorb after a few minutes.

Another way to use this oil to keep not only your face silky soft, but your body too, is by adding a few drops to your bath and soaking for as long as time will allow.

Rejuvenating Face Oil in bath

Try rubbing some into your cuticles, for healthy looking nails, as this area often gets dry too. It's also a great way to refresh the look of your fresh manicure.

Don't forget about your hair, which also takes the brunt of the dry winter air. Simply massage some into your ends, or add a few drops to your conditioner for a deep treatment next time you want to give your locks a little extra love!

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