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Don’t Let Your Eyes Give Your Age Away: Try Stem’s Intensive Eye Serum

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We can usually tell the type of mood a person is in, simply by the expression in their eyes. Happy, sad, excited, angry; all these emotions are reflected in a person’s eyes, which is pretty incredible.

Unfortunately, our eyes can also give away our age. When we are short on sleep, following an unhealthy diet, or spending too much time in the sun, this can show up as puffy eyes, dark circles, and even fine lines and wrinkles over time.

The reason the eye area is the first to show these effects, is because the skin around the eyes is extremely thin with very few oil glands. Oil glands in the skin are important for keeping the skin hydrated, therefore preventing the signs of aging. We often moisturise the face, but neglect applying a proper product under and around our eyes. A regular face moisturiser is not suitable for the eye area. This delicate skin needs a more intensive product designed specifically for it.

Our Intensive Eye Serum will help to decrease puffiness and dark circles, as well as brighten the eye area, helping you to look refreshed.

Age-Fighting Ingredients in our Intensive Eye Serum

Sea Buckthorn berry Oil

This superstar ingredient is very high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a favourite antioxidant vitamin to protect against free radicals, which can contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. Sea Buckthorn can help to absorb UV rays, which is one of the worst culprits for aging the skin around the eyes quickly.


Consuming ginseng in a smoothie or supplement can perk you up and give you loads of energy, and when applied topically, it helps to energize and revive the eye area for a smooth, healthy and young-looking eye region.

Raspberry Oil

This oil is rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals and protect against the signs of aging. It also provides natural UV protection.

Our 3 Key Ingredients

Our serum would not be complete without featuring our 3 core ingredients.

Kakadu Plum

Rich in Vitamin C, the addition of kakadu plum will help to visibly brighten, as well as provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Aloe will soothe and cool the eye area, helping to reduce redness and decrease puffiness.


Polyphenol rich pomegranate will promote a more youthful eye area by fighting free radicals and providing hydration.

Apply this serum twice a day, by patting a small amount gently into the skin with your ring finger until fully absorbed. Follow with a face serum and appropriate face fluid and enjoy the day, without having to worry about your skin!

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