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Why You Need a Serum For Beautiful Skin

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Due to our busy lifestyles, it is understandable why you might shy away from complicated skin regimens and focus instead on a simple cleanser, toner and moisturiser ritual.  Although we recommend this three-step ritual, there is one product that can really benefit your skin; a serum. 

Serums are an essential skincare component for those wanting beautiful, healthy skin. They are generally thinner than moisturisers and penetrate deeply into the skin, delivering a very high concentration of active ingredients that combine antioxidants, vitamins and moisturising agents. Serums can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, help to make the skin appear brighter and help to fade brown pigmentation spots.

Is serum a moisturiser?

Serums can contain moisturising ingredients; however they are generally not as rich or thick as moisturisers. A serum is not intended to replace your daily moisturiser, but rather supplement it. Moisturisers help to create a barrier to keep the serum’s powerful active ingredients deep within your skin.

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What are the benefits of serums?

  • Help to reduce the visible signs of ageing
  • Can help repair skin damage and assist healing
  • Can reduce the appearance of brown pigmentation spots
  • May help soothe red skin
  • Can help decrease puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • Can assist hydration by deeply penetrating your skin
  • Generally, include a higher concentration of active ingredients than most moisturisers
  • May assist with collagen production

A natural alternative to expensive commercial serums

Unlike many commercial serums that may contain chemicals and other unnatural ingredients, Stem Organics' range of serums contain only natural and organic ingredients.

Our Fresh Start Serum contains Organic Aloe Extract that helps soothe, heal and provide your skin with loads of nutrients. Amongst many other powerful, natural ingredients, it also includes Pomegranate which is rich in antioxidants and helps fight free radicals that can age your skin.

Regular use of our Intensive Eye Serum can help decrease puffiness and dark circles, as well as brighten the eye area to help you look refreshed. Rich in essential fatty acids, botanicals and hibiscus peptide to target expression lines and help firm and tighten.

How to apply serums for the best results?

Follow this routine to truly get the most out of your serum:

1) Cleanse first

A serum works best when applied to a clean skin. If you are due for an exfoliation then try a gentle exfoliator such as our Smooth Skin Exfoliant. It is a natural exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells and helps the serum penetrate deeply within your skin layers where it can be the most effective. It is important to use warm, not cold water, to cleanse your skin to keep the pores open and receptive to nutrition.

2) Consider a toner

Serums sink even better into skin that is slightly damp; try misting your face lightly with our Antioxidant Toning Infusion. It helps create a super clean face ensuring pores are free from cleanser residue, dead skin cells and tap water impurities.

3) Applying a serum to your skin

When applying your serum be gentle. Add a few drops to the palm of your hand, and use your fingertips to lightly pat or very gently massage the product into your skin, don't rub it in as this simply moves the product off your skin. Use your serum sparingly as it is highly concentrated and a small amount will go a long way.

4) Finish off with a natural moisturiser

To lock the serum into your skin, allow the serum to absorb and then follow with a moisturiser that is suited to your skin type. Stem Organics' Balancing Face Fluid suits oily/combination skin types, while our Hydrating Face Fluid suits normal and dry skin. If using at night, and you have a bit more time, you might try giving your serum a few extra minutes to absorb and then moisturise.

Have you tried any of our serums? If so we would love to find out if they are helping your skin.

Tell us what you think.

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