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3 Tips To Stay Healthy At Your Holiday Parties

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Now that the festive season has arrived, you may find yourself feeling a little more stressed than usual. While this should be a happy and relaxed time of year, it tends to be the busiest time of year too, with everyone rushing around trying to purchase all their Christmas presents on time, or perhaps it’s stress over trying to find that perfect outfit for your next holiday party.

Along with the endless rounds of holiday parties comes food, and lots of it. From pecan caramel pies to butter prawns, whatever you can think of, it’s probably there. While it’s hard to resist delicious food when it’s placed right in front of you, over indulging in too much sugar and other naughty ingredients can leave you feeling sluggish, and your skin looking less than jolly.

Here are some of our top tips for surviving the holiday parties, so that you can still feel healthy and enjoy glowing skin as you enter into a new year.

Drink Up

The first thing that probably comes to mind here is alcohol, and while you can certainly enjoy a glass or 2 of bubbly, the drink we are referring to in our title is more of an innocent sort; yep we are talking about water!

Easier said than done, but by drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water every single day (more when drinking alcohol) you help to hydrate your body from the inside out, as well as encourage your body to continually flush toxins out of your system. This will not only leave your body healthier, you will have loads more energy, and your skin will stay plump and bright.

Lay Off The Sugar

Okay, so staying away from sugar can be a little difficult at this time of year, but by enjoying one too many mince pies, you are setting yourself up for that dreaded afternoon slump. Sugar causes a rapid rise in insulin levels, causing an instant peak in energy, but what goes up must come down, and once your sugar levels crash an hour or 2 later, you won’t feel so hot.

Of course you can enjoy a naughty treat, it’s the holidays after all, but moderation is key. Also, why not make your own healthier spin on a holiday favourite, and take it to your next party, so when you feel like something sweet, you can indulge in your own pie without the guilt, or the nasty symptoms! Pinterest is great for finding healthy Christmas recipes, and you might find that baking becomes your new favourite hobby!

Munch Mindfully

Enjoying healthier snacks is a great way to keep you just full enough to avoid overeating. In fact, before you even leave your house, munch on some nuts as they are rich in protein, fiber and omega 3 fats that will stabilize your blood sugar and take the edge off your hunger. The omega 3 fats are also wonderful for your skin, and your skin will glow beautifully alongside those festive lights!

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to party all season long, while still looking and feeling great!

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