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3 Tips To Combat Dry Skin

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Oily skin sufferers often say they would rather have dry skin than oily skin, but dry skin is actually even worse than an oily complexion.

Dry skin ages the skin a lot faster, as there are no oils to help protect the skin against environmental aggressors, or even simple facial expressions that may leave lasting lines much faster than if the skin had some oil.

Sometimes a deep moisturiser just doesn’t cut it, and this is when the next 3 tips will come in handy. So keep reading and say goodbye to dry skin once and for all!

Use Lukewarm Water To Prevent Stripping Your Skin Of Natural Oils

We all love to luxuriate in steamy showers, especially on those cooler days when we feel chilled to the bone. Hot water may feel wonderful on your skin but, in fact, it’s only drying out your skin by stripping your skin of it’s natural oils.

Steaming the skin is not a problem, as the water does not touch your face and it’s an excellent way to open up your pores to help your products absorb better.

However, when it comes to cleansing your face over the sink or taking a shower, be sure to keep your water to a lukewarm temperature to avoid moisture loss.

Drink Lots Of Water To Prevent Dehydrated Skin

You can apply the deepest moisturising products to your external skin, but if you aren’t drinking enough water they will have no effect.

By drinking water you help to nourish your skin cells from the inside out, which makes the skin appear plump and hydrated. You will experience less flakiness and your makeup will glide on far smoother than before. Aim for at least 6 - 8 glasses a day, and add some antioxidants in the form of lemon slices or your favourite berries!

Amp Up Your Moisture Routine By Adding In A Facial Oil

While hydrating moisturisers are wonderful for the day time, why not add a little more intense hydration to work its magic while you sleep?

Rejuvenating Facial Oil provides instant deep moisture thanks to ingredients like Vitamin E rich Seabuckthorn Berry oil and Rosehip. You will wake up to softer, smoother more hydrated skin with a beautiful, healthy glow.

If you are absolutely fed up with dry, peeling skin the try the above tips and share your awesome results with us!

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