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3 Quick Tips For Men For The Smoothest Shave

Posted by Nat Royal on

As a guy, you’re probably used to shaving everyday (unless you can rock an awesome man beard!), so you’re likely familiar with nicks and cuts, and those frustrating ingrown hairs that appear as pimples and like to stick around.

You may not know much about skincare, or you may know exactly how to treat your skin right, but either way, we hope to make your daily skin regime even better with these handy tips.

So sit back, keep reading, and get ready to enjoy your smoothest shave yet!

Exfoliate Before You Shave

Ever heard that old myth? The one that states that shaving is an effective exfoliation? Sure, shaving certainly removes dead skin, and will leave your skin feeling softer, but it’s no protection against ingrown hairs, and the last thing you want is to slide your razor over one!

By exfoliating before you shave, you help to remove dead skin cells that may have built up in your pores, and may have led to ingrowns had you not exfoliated first. Once your skin feels soft and properly exfoliated, you can trust your razor to do it’s job more effectively than before!

Be sure to avoid harsh exfoliators that can scratch the skin, creating micro tears, and instead opt for an all natural exfoliator such as our Smooth Skin Exfoliant. This exfoliator contains only natural and soothing ingredients, along with Natural Cellulose Beads to effectively exfoliate the skin, without being too harsh.

Use A Natural Shaving Cream

Using an excellent exfoliator and razor is pointless if you are slathering on a conventional shaving gel or cream that’s filled with chemicals. Not only are these chemicals bad for your health, but they can irritate sensitive skin too, resulting in a rash or itchy skin.

You may not know this, but did you know you could ditch the shaving gel altogether? Instead try an all natural oil, such as coconut oil, or better yet, our Gentle Cleansing Milk, that will allow your razor to simply glide over your skin, while preventing moisture loss, leaving your skin wonderfully hydrated and happy post shave.

Don’t Forget To Soothe After

After care is just as important as prepping your skin, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Drench your skin in one of our indulgent moisturisers, based on your skin type. Filled with antioxidants and nutrient rich ingredients, you can be sure that not only will your skin feel good, people will start to take notice!

There you have it. This simple 3 step routine is easy and quick to follow, and the results will be clearly visible. Ditch your harmful products and complicated routines, take our advice, and then wonder why it was never this easy before!

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