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The Importance of Toning The Skin

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Ah, toning…the second step after cleansing that so often gets overlooked and forgotten. Some of us always use toner during our skincare routine while the rest of us forgo the step entirely. Either way, toning the skin is up to you and your skin care preferences.

However, if you don’t already use toner, it’s nice to brush up on the importance of this step. After all, tons of people do it routinely…it must be useful! Basically, toner is applied directly to your skin after cleansing your skin with your cleanser. It should be considered standard in any beauty routine as it removes remaining oil and dirt that our cleanser missed. It’s nothing but helpful, despite the reputation that it’s kind of a waste of time.

Toners will help to balance the delicate pH levels of your skin, which is essential before applying any kind of night cream or moisturizer. Toners calm the skin, providing a safe and effective base for serums, lotions, and creams to absorb better and play their part in your skincare routine.

But what kind of help does toner do for the skin? Apart from cleaning excess dirt off the skin, did you know it’s also a great way to ward off the signs of aging? Depending on what kind of toner you choose, some may contain awesome antioxidant ingredients that help to prevent early aging.

What we Recommend

Our toner at Stem Organics is 94% organic, vegan, and is suitable for all skin types. Women tend to need toners less than men, as men are said to be 15% more oily than women. However, as mentioned above, both can benefit from adding or continuing to use toner. Our toner features antioxidant powerhouses like organic olive leaf, organic green tea, pomegranate, vitamin C, and aloe.

How to Use a Toner

Toners should be applied using a spray bottle or an organic cotton ball. It works best after cleansing, but can be applied throughout the day to freshen the face or to set makeup. (Mineral makeup, that is!) It is best to use a completely natural toner (like ours, which you can find here!), because chemicals and preservatives are a definite NO for the skin and are all too common in most beauty products. Remember to read your labels carefully!

Whether or not toning is something you want to spend time doing during your beauty skincare routine, it is worth noting the awesome benefits for your skin!

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