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Do I Need To Tone?

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This is completely a matter of personal choice, but once you have tried Stem's Antioxidant Toning Infusion, which is an antioxidant enriched skin tonic, we believe you will make this your daily ritual following your Cleanser.  While Stem's Gentle Cleansing Milk will remove the day's grime or makeup and leave your skin soft and calm, following this step by toning will give you benefits you didn't think possible.  Every trace of makeup will be gently removed and with such a super clean face your pores will be free from any cleanser residue, dead skin cells and tap water impurities.  You will immediately feel refreshed knowing you have played your part in an anti-ageing process with this multi functional toner full of premium, ORGANIC, antioxidant rich ingredients. 

Suggested Daily Ritual

First Step:
Cleanse using our beautiful Gentle Cleansing Milk, which is a ph-balanced, non greasy, light milk, knowing that you are cleansing your skin with pure organic ingredients, and avoiding harsh detergent based cleansers.

Second Step:
Revitalise with Stem's Antioxidant Toning Infusion on a cotton pad and very gently stroke over your face and neck to leave your skin feeling super soft.

Third Step:
Gently remove all dead skin cells, and renew your skin by exfoliating with Stem's Smooth Skin Exfoliant using no more than a 10 cent piece while avoiding the eye area. and then rinse with tepid water. 

Final Step:
Selecting your skin type (remember the above 3 steps are products for ALL skin types) caringly moisturize your face and neck, to not only replace dull looking skin, but to rejuvenate and protect.


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